Lalo Schifrin: Film Classics CD – ALEPH 001


This live recording at the Opera de Marseille on December 8, 1995 is a celebration of some of the beautiful songs and some of the most memorable music that have been enhancing our own adventures in the mirror of the movie screen. On this journey we feel the dangers that threaten our heroes, we fall in love one hundred times, we sing, we laugh, we cry and finally we triumph. Who could have predicted one hundred years ago that the Lumiere Brothers’ invention – they called it animated photography – was going to become the collective dream of the XXth century? As we open the movie theatre doors and filmmakers’ visions emerge from the shadows, infinite layers of musical sounds are interwoven with the images on screen. And thanks to that music, later on, the illusion transforms itself into a memory of haunting melodies, infectious rhythms and seductive sounds.