Latin Jazz Suite CD – ALEPH 013


Features the GRAMMY-Nominated Track “FIESTA”! “The Latin Jazz Suite is an inner journey to different landscapes of musical styles and dances, which since my early youth have awakened my interest, both as a performer and as a composer. The dances I have chosen have definite boundaries. My task was to transform them in order to become vehicles for the musical expression of the soloists and the band.”

– Lalo

Latin Jazz Musicians’ Manifesto
There are no spiritual border between our rhythms, melodies, and harmonies Tradition must be reinvented All the gods are one god; all the fires are one fire. No more taboos… only totems. Let mother earth give us the chord progressions so that our imaginations fly to the stars. We are our music. It is forbidden to forbid. Some of our values are the dotted quarter notes and eighth-note triplets. The concept of dissonance is non-existent. Our intuition is our only parameter. Everything else is allowed.