Romerias CD – ALEPH 044


This is the world premiere recording of “Romerías,” a Suite for solo guitar in nine movements written by Lalo Schifrin. Mr. Schifrin said about his work: “‘Romerías’ in Spanish means carnivals or big parties where there is a display of popular arts, food, and drinks. ‘Romerías’ for solo guitar is a Suite that reflects that feeling of celebration. It explores the different possibilities of this great instrument within the parameters of classical, popular, and folk elements. At the same time, it also brings out the various potentialities of the guitar technique.” The CD also contains other works by various composers, many written specifically for Sergio Puccini.

“… a fantastic guitarist” – violinist Alberto Lysy “My music is not so difficult to play but the most important are the accents and the flavor: Mr. Puccini got them and that makes me very happy! Forza Puccini!”

– Astor Piazzolla

“I was very impressed with your playing of my ‘Guitar Concerto.’ What is very striking about your playing is your sensitivity and musicality besides the command of the instrument. My congratulations once again.”

– Lalo Schifrin “Romerías” (Suite for guitar) Lalo Schifrin*