For BULLITT, Lalo's musical creation perfectly captures San Francisco then and now. The blasts of brass that blow like steel fireballs through the glass canyons, the piano-driven riffs of cool melancholy, the gentler tones of jazzy laid-back intimacy that sugests not just the startling scenic wonders of the Golden Gate and the icy-blue of the bay, but the ragged, glorious chaos of the vertiginous hills and the claustrophobic cluster of perilously perched people and homes.
The memorable car chase in BULLITT is musically set-up but the chase itself is unscored. The superb cue "Shifting Gears" lays the groundwork brilliantly for the chase to begin, and the cue ends with stuntman Bill Hickman, as the driver of the other vehicle, clicking his seat belt into place...

- Nick Redman, from the liner notes

Track Listing
Bullitt, main title (movie version) - 3:05
Shifting Gears - 3:12
Ice Pick Mike (movie version) - 3:58
Cantata for Combo - 2:51
Room 26 (movie version) - 2:28
On the Way to San Mateo - 2:36
Just Coffee - 3:03
Main Title (record version) - 2:13
The Aftermath of Love - 3:01
Ice Pick Mike (record version) - 3:07
Hotel Daniels - 3:32
Bullitt, guitar solo - 1:34
The First Snow Fall - 3:41
Room 26 (record version) - 3:39
The Architect's Building - 1:47
Song for Cathy - 4:29
Music to Interrogate By - 2:51
End Credits - 3:51

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