The Cincinatti Kid

"It's difficult to listen to a score like The Cincinnati Kid without sensing the vast musical vocabulary that Lalo Schifrin is capable of. These themes blend disparate and varying elements into a seamless, unifying whole: a story that can be told purely in terms of music. When Lalo Schifrin tells the story, it's worth hearing. Heard anew, the story takes on the status of legend."

- Douglas Payne, from the liner notes

Track Listing
The Cincinnati Kid (Ray Charles, vocals) - 2:08
Christian's Theme - 2:04
The Cock Fight - 3:00
The Man - 2:55
I'm All Packed - 6:04
Shooter - 3:41
The Cincinnati Kid (Instrumental) - 5:23
New Orleans Procession - 4:02
Mr. Slade - 4:44
Melba - 4:06
At The Farm - 7:06
Walking Down - 3:22
My Bet - 6:50
Gambling Man - 2:42

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