The Hellstrom Chronicle

One of the most unusual scores ever composed for a motion picture was created by award-winning Lalo Schifrin. The Hellstrom Chronicle drama of the battle for survival between man and insect, chosen as one of America's entries in the Cannes Film Festval, is now offered for the first time on CD as a limited edition of the complete score.

Track Listing
The Hellstrom Chronicle (Life Evolves) - 4:05
Primieval Beginning and the Deadly Traps - 9:02
Horror Montage and the Harvester Ant Community - 8:28
Metamorphosis - 4:13
The Termite World - 6:40
African Drums, Moths and Communication - 3:38
The Acts of Love - 5:27
Bees, Wasps, and Mayflies - 6:57
Rampage of the Driver Ants - 8:13
The Hellstrom Chronicle (Finale) - 2:19

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