"If the title track is arguably the album's brightest gem, [Donna's Dream] runs it close, being the most ambitious as well as the longest. All Schifrin's wares are on display, from delicate nuance to roaring power, and indeed on one level the piece is a microcosm of the album as a whole. The appeal is immediate (not least the profusion of solos) yet this is the music that demands and repays - close and repeated listening, such is its density of texture, rhythmic virtuosity and emotional palette."

- Richard Palmer, from the liner notes

Track Listing
intersections - 4:52
scherherazade fantasy - 7:36
naima - 5:45
tokyo blues - 8:18
bells - 4:58
spartacus - 5:38
the baroque connection - 4:17
donna's dream - 13:55
basin street blues - 9:21

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