Jazz Mass

A brand new recording of Schfirin's Grammy Award winning composition. This one is a live recording with the WDR Jazz Band, featuring Tom Scott on flute, alto sax, and clarinet, and a large choir. The "Jazz Mass" is in eight movements, concluding with a scorching rendition of "Battle Hymn of the Republic," featuring Lalo himself on the piano.

Tracks Listing
Kyrie - 6:25
Tom Scott, alto flute Frank Chastenier, piano
Interludium - 11:14
Tom Scott, alto saxophone Chirstopher Dell, vibraphone Olivier Peters, tenor saxophone Markus Wienstroer, guitar
Gloria - 6:06
Tom Scott, clarinet
Credo - 2:46
Tomm Scott, alto saxophone
Sanctus - 3:20
Tom Scott, flute
Prayer - 5:14
Tom Scott, bass flute Frank Chastenier, organ
Offertory - 8:05
John Goldsby, bass Joe LaBarbera, drums Frank Chastenier, piano Chirstopher Dell, vibraphone Tom Scott, alto flute
Agnus Dei - 6:03
Tom Scott, clarinet
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah - 8:21
Lalo Schifrin, piano

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