Letters From Argentina

"Like the clear sky, like the rain, like the clouds, music has always been part of the Argentinean atmosphere. The strumming of the Gauchos’ guitars, the rhythms of the Indian drums, the expressive melodies of the bandoneon were the aural medium in which I grew up. In Argentina, the music was ever present in the literature, in the visual arts, and in the history of the country.

Tangos coming from radios, folk music sang and danced in festivities, Milongas and Candombes celebrating Mardi Gras surrounded my childhood in Buenos Aires.

"Letters from Argentina" are the musical memories enhanced by my imagination and converted into impressions of my homeland. Working on this project helped me to recreate an unreal past in which a memory persists and invites us to a journey full of promises and dreams."

- Lalo Schifrin

In this musical feast, Schifrin combines Tango and Argentinean Folk music with Classical music to create a fresh, new sound reminiscent of his homeland, Argentina. Schifrin on piano, is accompanied by David Shifrin on clarinet, Cho-Liang Lin on violin, Nestor Marconi on bandoneon, Pablo Aslan on double bass and Satoshi Takeshi on percussion. Together, these highly distinguished soloists guide the listeners through the process of interpreting and performing Schifrin's new work that promises to combine the earthy energy of the Argentinean tango with the great tradition of chamber music. The piece, and concert, is a salute to David Shifrin – former Artistic Director of Chamber Music Society of the Lincoln Center, a clarinetist of unmatched renown, and a distant cousin of Schifrin's.

FEATURING Original music by Lalo Schifrin. Featuring Lalo Schifrin, David Shifrin, Nestor Marconi, Satoshi Takeishi, Cho-Liang Lin, and Pablo Aslan. In addition to playing this CD in audio players, this Dual Disc has a lot more to offer. It can be put it in any DVD player and bonus features can be enjoyed inluding enhanced 5:1 Surround Sound or Stereo as well as stunning visuals of Argentina that play with each song.

1. Tango del Atardecer - 4:53
2. Pampas - 8:36
3. Tango Borealis - 10:14
4. Danza de los Montes - 6:47
5. Tango a Borges - 6:54
6. Resonancias - 7:40
7. La Calle y la Luna - 8:06
8. Malambo de los Llanos - 3:29

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