(July 07, 2010 – Portland, OR) Allegro is delighted to welcome Aleph Records to the family of labels they are honored to represent. Like many small businesses in America, Los Angeles-based Aleph Records is a family affair. The difference is that the patriarch of this family is Lalo Schifrin – the Argentine-born composer, pianist, and conductor responsible for some of the most recognizable film and television scores in music history. Aleph Records was founded by Donna Schifrin, Lalo’s wife and the company’s president, in 1997. Theresa Eastman
Schifrin, their daughter-in-law, is the label’s designer, marketing and sales director.

The label’s name comes from the Louis Borges short story “El Aleph,” about a place in which all points in the universe converged. Aleph Records releases music in three fields: film and television, jazz, and classical. Highlights include the five soundtracks from the Dirty Harry film series, Bullitt, Cool Hand Luke, The Cincinnati Kid, Rush Hour, and Schifrin’s Gillespiana and Jazz Meets the Symphony Collection.

Forrest Faubion, distribution product manager for Allegro notes, “We are extremely pleased to welcome to our roster one of the great composers and musicians working today. Our new partnership with Aleph Records further illustrates Allegro’s commitment to quality and expertise!” He goes on to say “I am personally especially looking forward to working with an artist I have for so long admired.”

“We are very excited to partner with Allegro,” said Donna Schifrin. “They have a wonderful roster of labels and their focus exactly fits the Aleph catalog.”

In 2010, The Allegro Group continues their reign as one of the most successful industry leaders in music & entertainment distribution. The company’s ability to introduce some of the most diverse audio and video landscapes into the North American marketplace leaves an indelible mark on the industry as a whole.

Founded over 30 years ago, Allegro Media Group is well established as one of North America’s leading independent entertainment distributors. Highly versed in the business of independent music and lifestyle distribution, Allegro and its growing business cover a wide spectrum of audio and video products, in virtually all genres and markets, including: classical, jazz, rock, world, gift, lifestyle, children’s, specialty retail and digital distribution. As a result, The Allegro Group stands out as the most diversified independent music and video
distributor in the North America.

Allegro Media Group distributes some of the most respected independent
labels in the world, including ZOHO, Winter & Winter, Spring Hill, Arbors, Summit Records, Challenge Records, Buda Musique, Enja Records.

The first new release that will be part of the new distribution deal is the world premiere recording of Romerías, a Suite for solo guitar in nine movements written by Lalo Schifrin which will be released on September 14, 2010. The recording features classical guitarist Sergio Puccini performing Romerías along with pieces by Astor Piazzolla, Enrique Bevacqua, Alfredo Rugeles, Leo Brouwer, Salim Dada, Manuel de Falla, John Duarte, and Hernán Navarro. Mr. Schifrin said about his work: “‘Romerías’ in Spanish means Carnivals or big parties where there is a display of popular arts, food, and drinks. ‘Romerías’ for solo guitar is a Suite that reflects that feeling of celebration. It explores the different possibilities of this great instrument within the parameters of classical, popular, and folk elements. At the same time, it also brings out the various potentialities of the guitar technique.”

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